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February 27, 2007



I am going quickly around the bloggerhood and
letting my blogneighbors know that I have switched
back to my old URL - http://domesticexcellence.blogspot.com .
I tried stblog's Wordpress site for hosting my blog -
found the administrator very helpful, but still, out of all
2000 templates they offer (many of which were blank or not
compatible with their version of Wordpress) I could not find
one that was quirky, fun and/or colorful. They all looked very
conservative and like business forms - that is so NOT me. I
also quickly discovered it had limitations to it insofar as
personalizing your blog. Then the administrator got peeved at
me for mentioning this on my blog and invited me to leave.
Even though I was going to try to stay awhile, at least, to
support their efforts at developing another Catholic blogging
community. But, I decided to leave since he seemed rather
rude about it all. I left a notice on my stblog's blog to notify
any visitor of my return to bloggerand the administrator promptly
deleted my whole blog without asking.
And so. Been there, done that.
Thanks for your link to me, if you do so at all. Otherwise, you
know where to find me and I will continue to entertain you with
various template changes - as only Blogger seems to be able
to accomodate without getting chips on their shoulders.
~ Alexa of "Counting My Blessings"


Thanks for the notice Alexa.


beautiful Hector .... blessings!

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