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February 22, 2007



Hector, I believe it's a gift from the Holy Spirit; when he reaches out and you connect with him and Wham! It's a very special momnet when with awe something inside of us realises that 'God is here', really here, and we are sensitive to him in a way that ordinarily we can not...or do not do..slugging off all that distracts us from him who made us and getting down to the bare bones of the matter.God is love.


ukok, what a deep and beautiful reflection! Thanks for sharing!


Hector, I'd confirm what Deb said. The finger feeling heavy is almost surely a stronger than usual presence of the spirit of God - tangible if you like - and often I've seen people 'swoon' or fall under that presence - it's more a kind of allowing one to fall back into the arms of God --- which is exactly what I think you did when you sat down and allowed the emotion to well up (instead of fighting it and pushing it down)

More importantly than any of the analysing is the visible sign that God loves you - extends His anointing to you - and blesses you as a person , especially in this Lenten season.

I rejoice with you :)


Hi Lorna! Thanks for sharing your insight! God bless!


It's the gift of tears.

At our church we have Forgiveness Vespers as the initiation into Lent. Lots of tears shed at that service, and you can feel the Holy Spirit present, turning everyone's heart to repentance. The gift of tears.


We had another kind of experience but not less emotional. This year we were facing the line as ministers helping the priest. My husband (Hector's father) was aplying the ashes while I was beside him holding the Bible. We felt like we were floating, so big was the spiritual feeling. It was such a beautiful experience! and we thank God that HE gave us that gift. I wish that more people would learn the joy of receiving the Holy Spirit and living with HIM!


Hi mami! Thanks for visiting and for your wonderful comments!


Hi Renee! Thanks for sharing about your experience with the gift of tears...

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