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November 25, 2006



hector, i am thrilled for you - and yes, i've missed your insights and wisdom but am glad to know things are going so very well for you :)


missed your blogging and as Penni wrote your insights and words of encouragement

but I'm delighted that you are realising your dream.May God continue to guide you :)

thanks for your prayers


I wondered what you'd been up to! I even checked the blog (instead of bloglines) a couple of times to see if maybe I had just missed something. No...no Hector...

But now to hear you've gone and done something this wonderful - I'm so totally happy and proud of you! Way to take that step out in faith!

Marie Cecile


I'm so glad that God has helped you find where and what you are to do. You have and always will have my utmost respect and prayers for continued success in your life and mission for God. God love you!


Yes, my friend, I have noticed, I keep looking for new posts of yours through my bloglines!!!

Many congratulations on your business venture, I pray that it will be fruitful and that through it you will be blessed.

Those websites look FABULOUS!

Can't believe I have such a fantastically talented friend with such immensity of skill in this area. More power to you because it's all for the glory of God :-)

Steve Bogner

Congratulations! And, as a fellow independent consultant, welcome to the fold! It's a wonderfully challenging profession; I can't see myself working for the man ever again :) Invoicing him, sure; punching the clock, nah.


Wonderful, Hector! I am happy for you way down here in Bloomington! :)


Wow, that sounds exciting! And useful. I'm going to have my self-employed husband look at your web-site. Blessings!


Penni, Lorna, Jules, Renee, Suzanne, Steve, Deb, and Marie Cecile, thanks for your encouragement and lovely support. God bless!

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