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October 21, 2006



Oh wow, how terrible for the family and for the dad who is suffering. My prayers are indeed ascending for all concerned.

God Bless them all.


I've been praying.


I'll keep them in my prayers.


Any updates, Hector?


Kyle is having a hard time dealing with the chemo as he is getting the max dose. He is doing fine with his lab tests though. Thank uou so much for your prayers -that are immensely needed.

David Sagaya Raj R

Dear is Christ Jesus,
Greetings. I have attended Interview and got selected by the company in
Australia. The company has sent DR.ANTHONY to clear all my papers and ticket. He's supposed to send all the papers, but till now he hasn't send the papers and
ticket. Even I am not able to contact him to know what is happening. But GOD knows everything. So please pray for DR.ANTHONY so that he sends me all the papers and ticket, which will help me to join the company soon. Please pray for my family and me, so that I perform well in the new company in Australia. Please pray for DR. ANTHONY and for his family. Thanking you.

David Sagaya Raj R

NOTE: Please pray for me everyday. Because I have paid the cash and submitted all the documents after the Interview. As per the schedule I have to fly before the 29th of December. But till now I haven't got the Papers and tickets. Please do pray for me so that I get all the papers by the Blessings of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. Please do pray for me everyday.


David, may God bless you and Dr. Anthony. May all happen according to Divine plan and Divine time, according to God's will.


Dear God,
I surrender to You my desire to win money in the form of a windfall in
order to give me and my husband, the kind of start in life we should
have as a newlywed couple by relocating to Ottawa, owing a home and a car, building a nest egg, having emergency fund, being self employed and enjoying a satisfying career and finally having and raising children. AMEN


This is an update on my friend. After 4 months of strong chemo, the cancer in the bladder, pelvis and both lungs is gone. The main tumor in the kidney is inmensely reduced to 1cm, necrotic and encapsuled in a cyst. It is incredible that after all he went through he looks so healthy, no weight loss. He lost his hair in the last month and it is already growing. Because he is doing so well his doctor referred him to MD Anderson hospital in Texas. The first day the doctor assigned to him told him that although all the tests come clear (including a Pet Scan)his cancer is terminal and that it will come back in less than 9 months. This was a terrible blow for him but he says that scientists don't understand God's healing and that he will prove it to them. I request prayers for him and for the doctors and that the Lord continues supporting him with HIS love. Thanks for your prayers!


Please pray for my husband who has got a serious gambling, driking and smoking habit. Please make him change for the sake of our four children. Please Dear Lord, if it is possible please make him get back what he has lost in your way and make him stop all his bad habits.


Dear Lord, we pray for Maria's husband. Help him open his eyes to see the impact of his behavior, give him the wisdom to recognize a path to improve, and the courage to overcome the temptation to stay in the current situation. Fill him, Maria, and her family with your Holy Spirit.
Thank you for listening and for your abundant love.

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