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August 09, 2006



Hi there!

I hope that you can help me to promote my challenge for all the Lovers around the world:

1 Blog, 1 Million Love Messages from All Around The World

Let’s make history writing about the most beautiful thing in the globe.

I’m waiting for your messages.



Happy belated birthday. I LOVE Nashville. I was there in 2000 for a conference and got to spend a few days there...beautiful! The area, the people, the music, the FOOD...all of it is just wonderful.

I'll say a prayer for those prejudiced people that you encountered last week...may the Lord melt their hearts.


What a great way to celebrate your birthday! Congratulations and best wishes, Hector!


Happy Belated Birthday Greetings! Sounds like you had an absolutely fab time!


happy birthday :)


Happy Belated Birthday, Hector! What a nice way to celebrate your special day! Sorry I haven't visited in awhile - I've been rather busy. I promise to be more faithful in the future!


Happy belated birthday, Hector!
Since I am from Tennessee, I loved your choice of places to go for your celebration! Glad you had fun!
Tennessee folks know how to do it right! God bless you!

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