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July 11, 2006



I am so pleased for you! If I get up early at my house, I can go out on the porch and observe and soak in nature as it awakens. One of my richest blessings is that we live in the woods, and just out my door is a great place for silent reflection. Until it is broken by the sleepy, dear faces of my children, then its "on with the day".

So glad you are refreshed!


Hector, aren't retreats just the best? I wonder how different the world would be if we all took time for personal re-energizing. It truly is a gift, isn't it?


Next week I'm going to volunteer at our church camp and retreat center. It will be with lots of kids, so it will be far from quiet! I want to ask if they would offer a silent retreat. The way you decribe it, seems like a way to get closer to heaven.


How wonderful! Hector, as I get more "mature" :), I have so learned to love and appreciate nature so much more in so many many ways! Every little thing becomes something to just gaze at in wonder! Glad you could do that!


I am so proud of you! Take that feeling with you throughout the busyness of life... :) Nice pix too!


sounds wonderful. I've purposed to go on a silent retreat this year. Sometimes the noise - even religious noise in meetings and church -gets too much and I need to step back and hear the small quiet voice of God for myself.

Thank you for your prayers.

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