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May 07, 2006



I am so proud of you! I have seen you grow deeper in your relationship with God. I continue to love you more deeply each day.


Hector, Way to go! What a wonderful accomplishment! Graduations are often a time of bittersweetness mixed with the electricity of excitement, aren't they? I'm so happy for you!

Julie D.



Mazel Tov! I just checked in to see if you posted about the Good Shepherd! And you did. I pray that God will continue to bless you abundantly.


Congratulations, Hector! You worked really hard to earn this degree. I know it cannot have been easy holding down a full-time job and all.

May God richly bless you as you serve him.


Beautiful news, Hector. Congratulations. And to Angie, the pastoral coach's coach--you go, Girl!



Wonderful news! Congratulations, and many God grant you many years, in peace, health, and happiness!


Congratulations! May this be the beginning of a wonderful journey for you.


Congratulations Hector! That is quite an accomplishment!


wow and congrats and heaps of blessings :)

now write more!!


As one theology student to a theology graduate, congrats! Way to go! Bravo! Now that you're commissioned, go out and spread the Good News! :)


Thanks everyone for such nice words and comments. It is really nice to be done, although I enjoyed my classes very much. I hope to now have more time to read and blog for pleasure!


I echo everybody else's congratulatory remarks! I am so pleased to read about this tremendous accomplishment. God bless as you go forth in this new chapter of your life.


Oh what joy you must feel! My priest and others at the Institute are asking me to consider taking the B.A in Applied Theology (am currently studying Theology as part of a 2 year distance learning programme in the Diocese)and it is such a huge commitment that at this point I have declined their encouragements to consider going for the degree at this point in my life.

Because I am aware of the time, effort, ,money that is required to do the Masters believe me, I mean it when I say that I am truly rejoicing with you, because I know that this is a mammoth thing that you have done. You are one of the most inspiring writers on the net and you have so much to contribute. Please don't ever stop being the wonderful Witness to God that you are. It's a pleasure to wish you hearty congratulations on your success!

God Bless you, Hector!


oh, how wonderful :) you are a gem, hector - have fun on vacation :)

Steve Bogner

Just catching up on blogs - sorry to be late, but Congratulations!


Congrats. I still have another year of class then my final before I am through. I won't actually graduate until May of 08. It still seems a ways off but I really only have three more classes left after the one I am in now.

I agree with you: the more you learn the only thing you actually know is how much you really don't know. (my own rephrasing.)

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