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March 08, 2006


Julie D.

I think that it is really an impossible concept to get unless you accept that the Eucharist IS Jesus Christ. So we are sitting at Jesus' feet for that time ... literally. Nothing symbolic. The real deal.

And I have found that is very difficult for Protestants to comprehend. Which is too bad because it is the key, the center to being Catholic. It is the reason the Mass is central to being Catholic. The Eucharist is Jesus. Period.


This is beautiful Hector. thank you for sharing it :)

We have had some 24/7 prayer weeks and I've loved hauling myself out of bed and praying in the very early morning. Communing with God. Recognising His presence and praying His prayers with Him. It's awesome because He is awesome!

I identify with so much of what you write!

Julie, the truth is that I don't get it. It is NOT that I don't believe that the host is the body of Christ. I do. Many protestants do. It is just that much of our teaching is that God is everywhere and His spirit is in us, so the concept of reserving the host /sacrament and bowing down to that - is outside of my religious experience or practice.

I meant what I wrote in the earlier post. I'm glad - really glad - it works for you. And I'm not putting you or your faith down in any way. I love it. It's simply removed from where I am, as I said my theology is not there. I believe that when we take the Eucharist "we feed on Christ" and it's a terribly important part of my faith.

The fact that people -like Hector - enter the church at 3am to worship God and pray is wonderful. The fact that that church has done this 24/7 for years is awesome and inspiring.

God is blessed :)


Hector, I had a beautiful time with Our Lord in Adoration yesterday, and my Mum, who is protestant, found it immensely rewarding too. Lorna,my suggestion would be to just try it, just sit- and- be with Jesus. The late Pope used to say about Adoration - "He looks at me, and I look at him".

It's as simple and yet as profound as that.

It's something we can't intellectualise, and the grace, whether you are Catholic or not, is there for the taking.

God Bless!


I thought this post was beautiful. Something about you crawling out of bed to go pray at 3 am so you can spend an hour with Jesus in prayer and then coming home and having your wife say something as simple as "how was your time with Jesus" like you had just gone to work and she was asking about your day - well, when Jesus is that much a part of your life I jut don't know how you can go wrong.

Two thumbs way up. : )


Beautiful, absolutely wonderful thoughts about adoration. Thank you.


I remember the first time when i took the Eucharist.I was shocked to feel so happy.It was an amazing feeling.Thank you for the beautiful post Hector.

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