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March 28, 2006



welcome back - it sounds like you enjoyed your respite (and it was needed :)


you say your sister is in NJ?


(i will travel, honest! not everyone has to come see me....)


I'm working on my masters project right now. Congratulations on being done!


This post gives me great hope. Thank you. Last night our two grown sons came with their girlfriends to our house for supper. Despite all the turmoil we have had over their decisions of late we had a very good time with neither of them or their parters in a hurry to leave. It was good. I pray for the kind of relationship you have with your family to be the kind we have with our kids.


Hi Penni,
my sister lives in Barnegat.
Hope, this time with your kids sounds like you are definitely setting the stage for great future family ties. Patti, good luck with your Masters. This is my first weekend in 3 years without assigment and it feels great!

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