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February 07, 2006




We're not too healthy (nothing serious) at the moment in our family, but we're doing just fine, thanks!

Hope you're all happy and healthy too!

God Bless.


hector, i miss you, too. i have been insanely busy and my antidote has been to watch movies and not *think*.

(oh, and pray, too and read. i still do those things :)

how is sarah?

much love and peace to you and yours.


Deb and Peni, nice to hear from you. Hopefully things will get a bit better after saturday. Sara is doing very well, thanks for asking. She is back at work and back to normal, except that she still can't drive...


For some reason you've been on my mind several times throught this morning and afternoon. I had to stop what I was doing and just come here and check on you. I hope everything is going well for you today. Weird, huh??????
Have a great day!


Your schedule sounds very hectic. Looking forward to *hearing* from you when things settle down for you! All is well here - busy, as usual!


Hi Lisa, thanks for thinking of me. I had to give a big presentation today, so maybe that's why. it went well. Everything is OK, just a lot going on in a little bit of time...


Thanks Valerie! Hopefully this weekend I can come up for air...


I'm missing you. Praying that God is close, even with a frantic schedule.

Come back soon coach:)


Sounds exciting Hector. Will you have time to do your weekly meditation?


how did the Sat session go Hector? blessings

Mary Poppins NOT (Renee)

I have been holding off on the Liturgy posting until you are back. I'll do the next installment tonight (Sat.) You have been much on my mind, too, especially your talents and how needed they are in these times.


I hope everything is going well, Hector. I've been busy too, and I've missed reading your posts.

God guide and guard you

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