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February 15, 2006



Amen, brother!


What you have written is so true. I used to work in an agency (community mental health, no less), and the work environment was horrible. Now, I am self-employed - which is great, but I do miss the interactions with co-workers. However, I will never go back to an agency or corporation again, and that's sad.


Some supervisors are simply addicted to power and because of this they treat their employees badly.From my recent experience i can tell that seldom this kind of person changes his/her ways.


Jules, Valerie, and Paula, thanks for sharong. Paula has a good point here. Addiction to power may be behind why some supevisors behave like this. I have seen some do a complete turn around and improve their behavior toward their people, but many always struggle in this area. It seems to be more difficult to correct than other work dimmensions.


Hector i want to add a quote from the prologue of the movie Lord of the Rings : "...and nine rings were given to the race of Men who above else desire POWER".

Steve Bogner

Good advice Hector! As a consultant working with HR-related areas of many companies, I am amazed at how *few* of the *HR* people actually follow similar principles. One would think that the HR folks would kind of set the standard in this area, but so often they do not.

Another factor that often comes into play is grudges. I used to be surprised at how supervisors and managers carry grudges and hold them over their staff, but have seen it so many times now that it's no longer suprising, just sad.

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