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January 23, 2006



beautiful, just beautiful!


Hector, you're are so special. You dedicate your life to making better the lives of others. There could be no better calling. When I grow up, I want to be just like you.


Beautiful. What a wonderful mission. I see so many folks, myself included, whose brushes with the cruel in life have smothered the life out of their dreams. What a joy it must be to see these dreams resurrected, gestated and brought to birth. I can hardly imagine anything better. What a wonderful way to join in the Divine Creatiion!

Marie Cecile

I'm glad that in your life you have found the Divine call, to bring hope into those lives that often do not have any, by sharing your indwelling of God with others is a beautiful gift. When we have a wonderful relationship with God he gives us the way, and others he gives a guiding hand to unveil his plans. God Bless You Hector.


>>.."to love with Jesus' sacred heart..."<<

It is a burning fire, is it not? Though it burns, it doesn't consume you but makes you holier and paradoxically, completes you. I think you have written about isn't sacriligious as it is an expression of how you live out theosis...becoming like God. Our Orthodox brethren speak to this brilliantly.

If I may quote Bishop Kallistos Ware: "...while God's inner essence is forever beyond our comprehension, His energies, grace, life and power fill the whole universe, and are directly accessible to us...When Orthodox [Christians] speak of the divine energies, they do not mean by this an emanation from God, an intermediary between God and man, or a thing or gift that God bestows. On the contrary, the energies are God Himself in His activity and self-manifestation. When a man knows or participates in the divine energies, he truly knows or particpates in God Himself, so far as this is possible for a created being...we are able to affirm the possibility of a direct or mystical union betweeen man and God - what the Greek Fathers term the theosis of man, his deification...There is union, but not fusion or confusion. Although oned with the divine, man still remains man; he is not swallowed up or annihilated, but between him and God there continues to exist an I-Thou relationship of person to person."

Thanks, Hector.

nickolis harris

i have a question that i haven't really got a definet answer to why did god choose the jew for his race?



inquisitive. that's my calling asking questions so that others are pulled into the light - His light.


Hector what a blessing you are. I love this post. It is enlightening to read your words. Thank you.


Angie, Lisa, inquisitive Lorna, LK, Twyla, Marie Cecile, and Aegent thanks so much for your beautiful and inspiring comments. Argent, that quote was so ddep. I had to read it twice. Absolutely beautiful and on the spot.

nickolis, you got me on that question. I have never heard it asked. Why did God choose the Jewish people versus Greeks or Romans? I once heard that they were the best at telling stories and thus could keep the tradition alive until the years were they could write... What else have you found?

Just a few thoughts, but does God think in terms of 'being Jewish' or 'being Greek'?

God created each of us with Divine Love, and from that spark of the Divine, we are incorporated into His Being, not because we have earned it but because God Willed it so.

God chose a people from the beginning of time to be His own. Unlike man, God has no divisions, it is man who creates division and also denominations. Salvation is there for all, this too from the beginning of time.

I think the question could be, if God chose man, who does man choose?

Very interesting question and had me thinking, dunno if it makes sense...but it's my two cents worth lol.

Peace of Christ to ALL


Mary Poppins NOT (Renee)

Hector, your post is the best practical explaination of theosis I have come across. As a new Eastern Catholic, I had some difficulty understanding theosis. Wouldn't the world be a great place is everyone lived their lives in the manner you describe?


nikolis and Hector,

I think the reason God chose the Hebrew people is encapsulated in Micah 5:2. "But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from ancient times."

God chose the Israelites, not because of their power or might, but because simply that God loved them and wanted to show the world His Love and Power. Just think of the fall of Jericho or Gideon's victory. They were outnumbered, but they triumphed. The message for us is in St. Paul's words, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Happy Feast Day, everyone!


I gotcha thinking, didn't I? Okay, so HE got ME thinking and then HE got YOU thinking...

I know...it's all Him!

Glad it trickled over to your side of the fence. It was a great read!

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