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January 13, 2006


Bernice (Marie Cecile)

What you wrote is excellent, we all have the power to change the world if only we wanted to. The key is we ALL need to want it.



Hi Hector!
I am so glad your Sara is doing well.
I wanted to comment my thoughts on this as I think about it often. It blows my mind sometimes that, for example, we could as a country eradicate hunger in this country- yet why don't we?? And if we started here we could then help other countries. I believe a vast majority must want to do this and just wanting to do it is not enough, there must be action. So I think where should that action start? Usually my thoughts turn to BIG ideas and really that isn't necessary is it? If we start in our own homes raising our children to believe that their efforts to help at soup kitchens, making lunches for children who will only get that food for a Sunday meal and that these are things we must do to help get rid of hunger and these are things they must continue to do throughoput their lives and also to bring awareness to others, peers, family, friends it could grow from that couldn't it? Am I too naive? I hope these small actions will lead to bigger ones for myself and my children and perhaps the friends they ask to bring with us to soup kitchen- exposure is a positive thing right? Wow! sorry this turned out to be so long. Thanks for getting me thinking about this!


This seems to be a growing theme in the Christian blog world. More and more people seem to be growing this very thought in their hearts...

Perhaps it is a vision of things to come? Oh, that that could one day be so!


Bernice, LK, and Jules, thanks for your comments. Jules, I hope you are right on this. I think this needs to happen at all levels. QM, if we start in our homes, our kids will be future business owners, CEOs, senators, and others who have the power to really make this happen, but may not have the heart to do it. I do believe you are right. It begins at home, working at the soup kitchen, at the shelter, and in places where they appreciate what they have and what others need.

I was encouraged by Time Magazine's selection of people of the year for 2005. Bill and Melinda Gates are not only giving millions to improve public health in the developing world, they are totally involved and visit with the people. The other person was Bono from U2 who is really engaged in ending poverty in Africa.

I hope this really becomes a priority.

Steve Bogner

I smiled when reading this one Hector. As you know, I'm a consultant, it's my job to get HR organizations running like Dell's factories run. They all have the potential, but very few ever realize it and make it happen. It's due to a lack of leadership, and a lack of will, in my opinion. Courageous, purposeful, humble and persistent leadership inspires & allows people to achieve the best within themselves for others.

But you know all about that, I think. We know the path, the recipe, the way; but there are barriers, diversion inside us that get in the way.


Yes Steve, you and I have similar enough backgrounds to connect on this. The one thing that I saw at Dell that impressed me the most was not their tools, their processes, or their training. It was the accountability of their leadership. They make focused and specific committments, then they hold everyone accountable to produce measurable results. They live accountability.

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