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January 26, 2006



Thanks, Hector! You two are a beautiful couple!!

Beautiful poem and a lovely pic of you both. But more important the joy that is obvious in your life you share with us all.


Peace to you...



What a great picture (and poem)...your wife is absolutely stunning! Many blessings to the both of you.


What a beautiful picture of the two of you together. The poem was very moving as well.


I love to see love work out. Thanks for the reminder not to give up hope.

Steve Bogner

That's a nice poem, and a great picutre too. THanks for sharing.

And I'll keep you guys in my prayers.


My, oh my, what a beautiful couple you are! Thanks so much for this glimpse of the joy you share :)

Many, many blessings to you both!

God Bless.


You two make a handsome couple! What a lovely tribute!


You two make a handsome couple! What a lovely tribute!


had never heard of this poet - and googled him. A couple of points leapt out at me "Rumi is today thought of being a Persian mystic and poet and is closely identified with Sufism and Sufi mysticism. This Sufism being a mysticism within Islam where devotees sought a mystical union with God." and
Rumi had taught that "Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians should be viewed with the same eye" and it is said that people drawn from five faith backgrounds followed his funeral bier. His mausoleum, the Green Dome in Konya, is today a place of pilgrimage for many thousands."

interesting :)


Thanks everyone for such nice words. Jules, don't lose hope. It is possible to find love and to share life with a great friend, lover, and saint.

Lorna, I know that Rumi was a Sufi mystic, but I have never read his writings. I do love his poems. In just a few words he reaches straight to the heart.



This is a beautiful poem and a lovely picture. What a handsome couple you are!

God bless you,

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