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January 03, 2006



sounds interesting and I love it that you do this as a family.

I have trouble visualising it though - are the intentions for the year part of the collages or separate from them


Lorna, I may have an intention to run two half-marathons this year with my wife. The collage may have some photos of couples running in races, or words about exercising. My wife has an intention about completing her certification as a massage therapist. She has several beautiful pictures (among many others on other topics) that show people giving or receiving massages. It help you get excited about your goals. It also helps your brain visualize the end-state.


This sounds so fun! Maybe we'll do this. I can see it now----the 4 year old's goal will be to actually hit the water, not the bowl. The 3 year old's goal will be to not scratch, pinch, hit, or kick. It may not be easy finding pictures for these goals, but I'm betting that it would be fun trying! Thanks for sharing this neat activity.


I want to do this too! Especially with my college student! Thanks.

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