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January 20, 2006


talking to me coach? I can so identify with this. A weekend retreat, in the sun, hearing the waves and the voice of God. mmmm

prayers appreciated for my health too - my gall bladder flared yesterday. ouch! feeling better today but drained. Praise God no classes!


grrr forgt to sign in. (using a friends computer here) ... anwyay you knew it was me, right? (grin)


Praying the rosary always replenishes me. I carry mine with me everywhere so that if I have a stretch of time waiting for something or someone, I pull it out and pray.

The other thing that I do to restore my equilibrium is to knit. I tend to start out with lots of thoughts swirling in my head, but soon my mind empties and I feel restored, even with dropped stitches ;).


Hi Lorna, sounds like you need to plan some time in the sun..., imagine, you could re-read the whole Bible again! I'm praying for your health...

Argent, my rosary is with me at all times. I always feel so peaceful after praying it. I have never knitted (sp?), but I can imagine how calming it could be. Thanks for commenting...

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