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January 25, 2006



I pray in my car. Every morning I have a 23 mile commute. I have been protected from so many accidents; other cars have come really close to banging into me. But they haven't actually come in contact...it's been like there is a protective sheild around my car. Thank you Lord!


I pray when I'm walking - either on my treadmill or outside. Both are great "stress-relievers"!


I do the same thing when I'm taking a bath...it's that leisurely quiet time with just me and the Lord. I also like to pray when I'm rocking my son to sleep. I've tried to find more opportunities for this throughout the day, like when I'm doing the dishes or the laundry and such...but so far it hasn't fully clicked yet so it is more of a hit or miss.


What is it about the shower that brings out the opera singer and contempletive in us? This is getting very personal, lol!


I love to pray in the car on my way to and from work. Sometimes I play a little gospel music and sometimes its just a one-on-one chat. Either way, its a great start to my day!


Patti, Valerie, Essy, Argent, and Jules, thanks for your comments. It;s nice when we can convert routine, daily activities into sacramental moments...

Please don't do what I just did tonight! I was walking on the treadmill with my iPod on, listening to Christian music. There was a great song that came on about the Eucharist and I intuitively closed my eyes in prayer. I accidentally put my foot outside the belt and came stumbling forward, my head missing the instrument pannel by an inch... There's a place and a time for everything...


loved this hector (not the falling off the treadmill. that's not falling under the power of the HOLY SPIRIT IMHO)

I pray in the sauna and tonight is sauna night. Yipee. It's quiet - and a special time for God :)

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