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January 11, 2006



Hector, I'm so happy to hear that Sara is doing fine! What great news! I'm just thrilled to know that things are getting back to normal.

So you're in Austin, huh? I love that city. I was raised in Austin, so it's 'home' to me. Even gave Austin to my son as his middle name. :)

What'cha doing there?


It's a nice place. This is my second visit here. I'm here on business visiting Dell.


Hector, that's great news about Sara! Sounds like God did His "thing" about turning the bad stuff of life into something good again.


Absolutely! She is getting her finances in order, moving to a better apartment, and dusting off her Bible...

Life is full of blessings and opportunities...


Hector: I am so glad to hear about your Sara. It sounds like she's viewed her crisis as an opportunity to appreciate life more and put her life in order. God Bless!

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