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January 13, 2006



Love it!


That's a really beautiful expression! Who'd have thought that someone like me could set the world on fire....maybe St. Catherine was talking about spontaneous self combustion in my case? tee-hee)

God Bless.


"The world is my parish" (John Wesley, who also said something like set yourself on fire, and the world will come to see :)

Christians on fire are amazing - and I love to see the flame jump from one to the next to the next don't you?



Essy, ukok, and Lorna, thanks for "firing me up" with your comments! I do think this journey we are in is one of authenticity, becoming our true Divine selves...


Great Quote, Hector!
St. Catherine is my one of my patron saints (Catherine is my confirmation name) and I have read several books on her, but I have never seen this quote before. Thank you for sharing it!

God bless you,


Thanks Jean, I pray that St. Catherine continue to guide you and intercede for you.


St. Catherine of Sienna is my confirmation saint, too. I've always loved that quote by her - it's been kind of my motto!

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