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January 07, 2006



I've joined up with an accountability group of sorts to read through the Bible together and have an appointment in a little over a week with a Priest at the local Benedictine Monastery. Good first steps. :)


Kevin, those are wonderful first steps. Excellent! Good luck with reading the Bible in 90 days. I look forward to tracking your progress...


LOVED this incentive. Isn't it funny (sad?) that a financial incentive makes all the difference

but think of the nice hotel with a bath tub or jaccuzi for AFTER the run.


Back to studying!I WILL learn something today :)


I drove myself to the gym today. That is a GREAT start---just getting there. The ONLY thing that holds me back from being all that I can be is my weight. The only thing that keeps my weight on is the LOATHING of exercise and the YUMMINESS of macaroni and cheese. SO, gym workout is done. All my water is almost consumed for the day. Only 1 tiny, little serving of mac-n-cheese eaten with the kids for lunch. My goal is to not be slim, but to just feel good about how I look. This is a reachable goal, and no better time to try to reach it than now.

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