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January 05, 2006



Thank you. Much food for thought. I just wanted to share that what drew me to the Catholic Church was being pierced by the reality of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

My heart broke when I realized that the tradition I was in did not profess this and the communion offered there was a pale shadow. And it happened during a discussion with a high-ranking clergyman in my former church. We were relaying altar guild stories and he laughed at the foolishness of some ladies who were mortified at dropping consecrated bread. He said, "For goodness sakes, she didn't drop Jesus!" While everyone around laughed also, I burst into tears.

So, my family and I ended up the following week at our nearby parish. It was such an overwhelming relief to be there and not be the odd one that truly believed in the Real Presence. I embarrass my children, I know, when I weep at communion. But they're tears of joy and gratitude.


Thank you so much for this very lovely post. Yes...I am in love with God...but like all great loves, the 'batteries' need to be re-charged once in a while...we get too used to all the marvels and can take them for granted.


Oh yes! I am so in love with Him as the Bridegroom and find that as the days progress, I long for His presence more and more!

I love the quote above ... "I can never know God until I'm held so close to him that there is nothing in between." Julian of Norwich

Every blessing on your day!!!

I think how much we love God rests with how much we listen to Him compared to how much we talk....

Just my thoughts...

Peace of Christ to ALL



Argent thanks for sharing so deeply. Essy, Marie, and Carolyn, thanks for your comments. It is obvious that you are in love with Him. Judging from Carolyn's blog name, there's no question... :) I really like this bride-groom analogy. To Marie's point, in any love relationship how much and how well we listen has a lot to do with how well we love...


I have that deep love that you've discussed here. I'm so glad that He, too, loves deeply.

Amen Hector:)

I was remembering back to when I first became a Christian and didn't know to pray to this Awesome and Majestic God. For the first few years my prayers consisted of me doing basically a 'shopping list' which was kinda empty way of praying.

Then when I was struck down with this illness I found myself bed ridden for 2 years....God was MY only consolation and I learnt through that to LISTEN to that still small voice that comforted me. The strange thing is I had limited concentration levels in that I could not keep up with peoples conversations.
But I never lost the ability to pray....God is Awesome!

AMEN Hector once again a challenging topic...Love this blog...

Goodnight ALL

Peace to you



Marie, thaks for sharing. Ho interesting that you didn't have any problems conversing with God. I can be as simple as "Jesus" sometimes I just repeat His holy name as prayer...

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