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December 19, 2005


Miz Booshay

I would have to say Jesus.
He has influenced me. The way I live and the way I decide things. The purpose for my life.

I greatly admire Mother Teresa but I have not actually been influenced by her. Yet :o)



Thanks Donna! Because I have had some interaction with local Missionary of Charity sisters and see how they live, Mother Teresa has had some influence on me also. She has made such a great difference and her mission began so humbly. Thanks for visiting again!



I have seen several references to Pope John Paul II being referred to as a servant-leader, but I wonder if the Pope is really a good example of someone that exemplifies the practice of servant leadership? The Catholic Church is probably one of the best examples of a hierarchical organization that exists, and hierarchical leadership is definitely not servant leadership. I don’t mean to imply that the Pope was not a good leader or that he did not do good things, but simply question if someone that sits on the top of a hierarchy is a good example of servant leadership. Finding true servant-leaders can be difficult to do, because of the nature of servant-leadership. Typically they are found in small organizations that may not be well known. Examples of leaders of these types of organizations might be Bill W. (Wilson) the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, or perhaps Dorothy Day of the Catholic Worker Movement.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on this for what they are worth. Thanks for the post and your web site.


Tom, "for what they are worh"? I really respect your thoughts and appreciate your comments. I understand that a hierachical organization gets in a way of truly functioning as a servant-leader, but is it possible for one to be as much of a servant-leader as the organization allows? When I read Pope John Paul II's book of his years as a Bishop his servant-leadership really shinned through. Perhaps even more as a priest.

You may be right, but I think someone can live these principles to a degree even if they are members of congress or the President. Thanks for your valuable input!

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