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December 22, 2005


Julie D.

Good for your son! (and a good post too!)


Your son is completely awesome!

What an amazing thing to do for another person as an expression of love.

God Bless.


i have a particular fondness for bald boys too as mine have shaved their heads (ben, twice) in an effort to raise funds for children's cancer research - St. Baldrix is celebrated in these parts every march. ben's done it twice, and is especially committed since he was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma two years ago (he's fine now).

your son is quite a testimony to love. wonder where he gets it from?


wow !


Julie, ukok, Penni, and Lorna, thanks for your comments. He is a very loving kid. He wants to study biochemistry in college and do research for cancer cures. Penni, I'm glad your son is doing well now.


Wow, your son gave the best gift of friendship he could. That was a very touching story. Please thank him for me for his sympathy.

That's beautiful. Thank you


Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Blessed and Joyous Christmas.

Tony Miller

I'm a bald guy. Not for any medical or solidarity reasons, but because God saw fit to take most of my hair from the time I was 18, and I decided "thy will be done" and shaved the rest off.

I never regretted it. My wife likes it much better now, and I don't look like Bozo the clown 3 weeks after every haircut.

Kudos to your son. He may like the look and keep it. :)


My 19 year old daughter shaved her head because she didn't like the at home dye job her friends gave her, I wish I had had some reason I could have loved about that.

I just kept reminding myself that God loves unconditionally, and praying that it would grow back. Then I started thinking about what if she had lost it because of cancer, and the perspective that gave me made me handle it a bit more chearfully.

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