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December 29, 2005



I've given up a LONG time ago trying to make sense out of what "liberals" value, or their beliefs, or how they justify their behaviors. They call Christians "closed-minded", yet they are the ones who are not open to the Word of the Lord.

I, too, loved what the Pope said about Mary, and pray for the same like you.


Thanks for your comments Valerie. We do need to be able to more passionately and clearly live the truth about the sanctity and dignity of life.

One comment I wanted to make is that I personally try as much as I can to avoid labels like "those liberals" or those "conservatives." Labels generalize and de-humanize too much and then it is easier to hate, than to love. Labels like "those Jews, Mexicans, Muslims, Japanese, Blacks, Irish, etc." have been used to cause pain. I went through a grueling 200 hour training on diversity facilitation to help ease some of the tension at work, so I'm very sensitive to this.

We are asked to live the Gospel of Life. People we call liberal or conservative honor life in some cases, but not in others. I don't think we should use the labels, but we definitely need to address the controversies. We need to speak of the importance to honor the sanctity of life with integrity and at all times.

I guess this is a pet peeve of mine..

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