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December 27, 2005



Good news! No, GREAT news!


HI HECTOR! I want to say THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS TO EVERYONE that prayed for me! i am so thankful and grateful to everyone and deeply touched . Love to you all!!


I had encephalitis 7 years ago. It wasn't as severe, but it laid me out pretty hard. It was a few weeks before I could get back to any sort of normal routine and a few months before I felt I was back to my old self.


Great news, thanks God!
You should not be worried: after such a shock she cannot act and think 100% right.
She needs a bit of time to recover totally.
I will continue to pray for her.


(((sara))) i saw you sneak in here :) praise God for His answers to prayer, and kevin, i am glad you posted that -- sometimes i think it is good to hear from one who has *been there, done that* to assure us it will all be okay...

(thanks for the updates, hector!)


Oh, I'm so glad for this good report. Sara - may you continue to regain your strength and health.

Rick Lugari

Great news! God bless you and thanks be to God's infinite mercy.


Such happy news!


Praising God with you...what wonderful news.


Such wonderful news! We'll keep praying for her complete and full recovery.

Suzanne McConnell

Hector, just so happy for you all!
I am sure your daughter is just whoosy after such an experience and the meds too. Perhaps she too is reflecting a bit! You don't need to respond to this...I just wanted to let you know that we are all enjoying God's goodness here!


I am so grateful and thankful for this wonderful news! Praise God!
And Sara, it was wonderful to hear from you!


This is great news, Hector. Thank you for the update. Thanks be to God.


Thanks everyone for your comments and well wishes. Thanks Kevin for sharing your experience. Just made it back from the hospital. She may be there until Thursday. Her sense of balance is off, but she can walk. She needs more psych tests tomorrow, but all in all she is OK. Her memory is still a wiork in progress. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Such wonderful news...It has made my day here in sunny Australia....

*dances a jig* LOL!

Glad your feeling better now Sara or I was gonna get 'Steve Irwin' to visit ya J/K LOL!

Peace of Christ to you ALL



Hi Marie, can you post a video clip in "Faith of the Fathers" of you dancing a jig?


I'm absolutely delighted that Sara has improved so considerably in such a short space of time!

It really is a joy to me to witness the effects of prayer in this lifetime, so often we do not see the fruits of prayer so evidently.

Praying for your continued recovery, Sara.

God Bless you!

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