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December 23, 2005



My family's prayers are with you. I remember a particularly frightening Christmas almost 16 years ago when my wife delivered our first daughter 7 weeks early.

Please keep us posted.


I'll pray for her. Please keep us posted, and may you have a blessed Christmas at least together with your family.

Pax tecum

Julie D.

How terrifying for everyone! I am so sorry to hear about it ... I'll be praying for her, the doctors, and y'all. Have a blessed Christmas.


oh my Lord, hector!!

prayers going up for everyone - please keep us as posted as you can....



I read your blog since a short time and I do like it.
I will pray for your daughter recovery.


My dear friend, Hector.

I'm terribly saddened to learn of your family's suffering. I will hold your daughter in my prayers throughout Christmas and pray for her recovery.

I pray for you and your wife and all those affected by your daughters illness.

May God give you peace and comfort you, and may you receive the gift you most desire, that your beloved daughter be made well again.

I'm so sorry that words and prayers are all I can offer you, but know that you will all remain in my thoughts and prayers.

God Bless you in abundance.


am so sorry that your daughter is unwell, and we will be praying for you, your daughter and your family.

"O Loving Lord, Saint Martin studied medicine to cure the sufferings of people. By entering the Dominican order and growing in holiness, he discovered that You often would heal people miraculously through his prayers. I ask him to intercede for me to be Your instrument of healing to those around me who have illnesses. Lord Jesus, teach me to be a healer through my words and acts of compassion, give me wisdom for the proper use of modern science, and increase the power of my prayers. I also ask Saint Martin to pray for the healing of these people according to Your loving will and divine grace. Saint Martin, pray for us."


Peace of Christ to you Hector, your family will remain in my prayers:).



My prayers are with you,Hector. I'm sorry you are all having to go through this. God bless you and keep you.


Hi, Hector.
I have tears in my eyes, thinking of how you and your family must be feeling. I'm so sorry that your daughter is sick. I'm praying here. God Bless all of you.


You and your family are in my prayers, Hector.


Oh Hector, I'm so sorry. I'm praying, my friend.


I found a computer in the hospital in a kiosk. What a nice surprise to see your prayers and comments. You are family to me and I feel your presence. I just came out of the chapel, praying the Maginificat. It's really nice to be in a Catholic hospital.

It is likely that she has viral encephalitis. She is in a very serious state. Although her body is sedated, her brain activity is as if she is still having seizures. She may be here for 10 days or so. There is a possibility of permanent damage.

I can tell that it will be a bit more difficult to sing "joy to the world", and all the happy songs. Although deep down I know that I'm joyous we have Christ in the world, because he gives us spiritual comfort in times like this. We are never alone. In the chapel I looked up and saw Christ on the crucifix. We still have it easy compared to Mary and Jesus' friends and relatives.

I love you all and we are thankful for your prayers.

It was nice to see her friends (19 to 24 year olds) camping in the visitor's room with us last night.

God bless!


Oh Hector, I'm so sorry you'll have to spend Christmas this way! We will pray for your daughter's swift and complete recovery, and that you all get some rest.


Your family has my fervent prayers also. I'm so sorry this had to happen now.


Hector, just checking back to see if there's any more news, and I noticed your comment above.

You are family! We are all family. When one of our brethren hurts, we all hurt. I'm hurting for you, because you suffer and those whom you hold dear are suffering too.

I will continue to pray for your daughter. I am humbled by your faith, I don't know that I would be so strong if I were to face such a traumatic experience. May God's grace uphold you and continue to strengthen you.

Has your daughter received the Sacrament of the sick to give her strength and sustenance during her illness? I pray that she can receive it soon, that God's Grace pours out upon her.

I ask all the Angels and Saints to pray for her -their prayer is so much more powerful than mine. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we trust in you!

God Bless you all!


hector, i offered my sacrifice of the Mass on behalf of your precious daughter. my heart is so very heavy for you, my dear friend. please know you have a candle burning brightly in our home and every time i think of you all i am asking God to shower His blessings and comfort upon you during this difficult time.

thank you for posting, we are here and checking back often.

love you, my friend.



I, too, offered tonights Mass for you and your daughter. Prayers before Mass and during the Consecration were for your daughter's complete healing.

Love to you.

thankyou for the update I have been praying for you all. It is Christmas day here, but I was concerned for your daughter and wanted to see if you had more information concerning her welfare.
Am so very sorry:( that your daughter is so sick and she will remain in my prayers as will your entire family.

Peace and love to you Hector and your family:).



Thanks everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and support. Thanks for posting prayer requests in your blogs. We came back from midnight mass and I had all of this up for my wife to read. When I blog at night I always say, "time to visit my friends." Now shw saw why I say that. She was in tears over your prayers, thoughts, and your love. This has been so meaningful for us! La Familia! I'm saving all these links so that when she "wakes up" she can see how many people cared and prayed for her.

There's really no progress to report. They are begining to reduce the sedatives and adding anti-convulsion medicine. She may come to awareness tomorrow. we won't know about damage to her brain until they do an MRI, perhaps Monday.

You will never know how important your words were to us. My wife is still in tears after reading this. Thanks so much! Thanks ukok, Julie, Lisa, and Moneybags for your posts or prayer cards.

Mass was very touching because our hearts were raw. "Prince of Peace, have mercy on us and fill us with your peace" had a special meaning tonight. I love you.

Merry Christmas!


I just got wind of all this. I'll keep her in my heart and prayers over the weekend. May God continue to sustain you.

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