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December 03, 2005




THANK YOU for the comment you made yesterday. God used it powerfully as a key to unlock something in me this morning and I'm so thankful that you wrote what you did.

It might even be that what you wrote was to encourage me that I'd done the right thing, but actually God showed me my priorities were - in this instance - wrong, because my heart was wrong, more like Judas than Mary :(

I bless you in His Mighty Name!


Very nice! You survived! Thanks for the encouragement and reminder to push forward. I can imagine it was very nice to be outside in beautiful nature and to be surrounded by the excitement of youth and positivity! Thanks for sharing the experience! God Bless!


I'm glad that my comments helped you think things through. I wasn't sure if your decision was right or not, since I don't know what else was on your plate and how meaningful was this party, but I'm gald that it was helpful. God uses all of us to spark certain thoughts and move our hearts.


Thanks for your cooment angelina. Surrounded by youth? I thought I was one of the youth... :)

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