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December 26, 2005



I'm so glad to hear of your daughter's improvement, Hector. We'll keep praying in my house.



Praise God!!!

Wonderful news Hector. Her throat is probably a little sore from the tubes and hopefully that should get better and better as time goes on.

We'll still pray here for her full recovery. God bless you and your entire family!


Wonderful news, Hector!! If you'll visit MySpirit, you'll see the spiritual bouquet that we made for your daughter today. Thanks for letting us know how she is. I'm glad, too, to have a name. I like to use specifics in my prayer and it was fine to pray "for Hector's daughter", but I'm happy to be able to pray for Sara. Earlier, before we made the bouquet, I was trying to think of what her name might be. My guess was Maria or Marie, something after Mother Mary. Looks like I was way off! ha.


oh, i have tears in my eyes - how wonderful hector. how wonderful, indeed :)

Mary Poppins NOT (Renee)

I am so relieved for you! I will continue to pray for her recovery, and that the experience will offer every blessing intended. Merry Christmas!


Praise the Lord! I am so happy to hear about this! Having such a "close call" certainly allows people to re-assess their lives and their priorites. I know my faith has deepened so much since my daughter's illness, and my daughter has matured emotionally and spiritually through it all as well. I had to smile when I read your daughter's name today, for it is the same as my daughter (even spelled the same way!!). Please let me know if there is anything I can do - or if my daughter could contact yours at some point in time (they are somewhat close in age, as my daughter will turn 18 in 3 months). May God continue to heal Sara, and protect all of you in His graces. Amen.

Julie D.

WOOHOO! Praise God! :-)


What a wonderful Christmas miracle...thanks so much for updating us. My daughter's name is Sarah...so I'll definitely never forget yours. You were all in my prayers at Mass this morning.

Steve Bogner

Wow! I've been absent for a while due to just being super-busy, so I'm just catching up with blogs now. This is quite an event - and it's good to see she is improving.

When my younger son was 11 months old he got some rare infection, almost suffocated due to swelling in his throat, and was in ICU for a few days, similar to your daughter. It is unreal, yet all too real, to see your child go through something like this.

I'll keep her and your family in my prayers, Hector!


Thanks be to God for another miracle. May she improve even more. Thanks for the update, Hector. May the Lord heal you and your family and bring you all to everlasting life.

Our Lord's Words, which I find great comfort in "In the world you will have trouble, but take courage for I have conquered the world."



Joy and I continue to lift you and yours in prayer. Thanks for the update.

Dear Hector and family,
what a relief to read your blog today and find out Sara is improving.

I found your post very moving and also thought provoking, maybe it's time for us all to be thankful for what we have and live lives of gratitude and rejoice with our loved one's.

Thankyou for providing such insight into a most harrowing time for you all. Let's all take a look at our priorities and make sure we appreciate our family and friends. Thanks be to God!

God bless you and your family Hector. I will continue to pray for you all.

Peace of Christ.



So glad to hear that she is improving. I just learned from a friend of mine that her infant son was in the hospital with a severe viral infection and was only released the day before Christmas. We never know what a blessing health is until we lose it. To God be all the thanks!


Woo Hoo!!!!!

Merry Christmas indeed!


Just came back from the hospital. Sara is talking very well, she can engage in conversation and her movement and control of her body is perfect. Her short-term memory is not too good and she is kind of spacey. Hopefully, it's just left over medicine. We left her weepy. She doesn't understand why she needs to stay in the hospital since nothing hurts. Tomorrow they will do the MRI.


Hallelujah Praise the Lord! (doing a victory dance WITH jesus around the pc!!)

Father God we thank you for Your faithfulness.

I thank you that You never left Sara's side, and that You Jesus interceded on behalf of this young woman, and Your Holy spirit guided our prayers and gave us Your spirit of intercession as and when the prayers were most needed!

Lord we ask for Your continued influence on Sara's life, both physical and spiritual. Show her more of what Your love means, and equip her with the knowledge that her life has been spared in order that she love and serve You with all of her being.

As she recovers open her ears and soften her heart that she may hear and respond to Your call on her life better.

Thank You, thank You, thank You for all You have done and all You will continue to do. Amen

Dear Hector and family:)
I wanted to check in and find how Sara is doing before I retire for the night. Am so glad that each day she is improving, and thankyou for helping us all to remember what life is all about...LOVE..

I dedicated a prayer for Sara and others who struggle with their health, on our favouriteprayers/scripture section.

Goodnight and God bless you ALL.



Thank you Lord!


Praise God! I'm thrilled for Sara's recovery. This is most excellent news!


That really IS great news! I'm so very happy for your family that your child is doing better today! Praise Him, praise Him one and all.

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