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November 28, 2005



Jimmy Akin wrote about sacramentals that "If the object has been blessed, either burn it or bury it (depending on whether it is significantly flammable). If the object has not been blessed, simply throw it away."

Not sure if that helps.

You might try leaving them around for people to find.

You never know when you'll plant a seed!


I say leave them in public places. Also, if you know any Catholic doctors, give them the old ones for their waiting rooms.

Julie D.

I never thought about leaving them somewhere but that's a good idea. Or it would be if I didn't constantly rip pages out of mine to use ... copying things to my quote journal, showing things to other people, that couple of pages to take to work when I don't want to take the whole book ... my father says I'm a "dismantler." :-)


Steve and Marc, thanks for your advice. That helps...

Julie, you made me smile..., a "dismantler..."

Rita Figueira

I do know some Catholic Doctors, I will ask them if they would like them in their office. Thanks for the great suggestion Marc

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