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November 02, 2005



You ask how this could solve problems at work? I think the more information gathered from more people earlier in a process, the better a process can be created. Seems this would or should have a bearing on the nature of leadership?

Two points that I think I worth dwelling on more are:

- "For this to work the group needs to be diversified and they need to be able to express their opinion without being influenced by others." Hard to achieve this sometimes, no?

- Doesn't serious innovation often come about when someone goes against conventional wisdom?


Hi Ernesto, unless we are concious of this, either because of laziness or arrogance we tend to ask the same few experts at work and not poll everyone. This is best for things for which you need an idea or answer and for which the alternative is a guess by an expert.

To avoid the influence, electronic surveys probably work best... We do this for somethings, but it we can probably put more meaningful questions out for others to help us with.

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