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November 09, 2005



Hector and Angie, this is so funny! This is so true about home parties. Sadly, this is exactly why I don't get to have parties in my home. HA! Then there would be the added worry of the children's rooms. The kids always want to show off their rooms, no matter how cluttered or "unmatching" the rooms might be.


i believe this dad....i really do


This is wonderful, Hector, and I love that you are so compliant to your wife's wishes. God Bless you both!


Thanks for the comments. It was easy to agree with her because the truth is that we haven't upgraded much in the house for many years so the rooms were defintely in need of a face lift. God blessed me with the personality that I don't notice anything wrong, so I'm glad she notices when it's time to clean or paint things. We are pretty much done and the house looks so pretty now!

Steve Bogner

I've found myself in similar situations; except that I didn't get a massage!


Well, Steve, what can I say... I lucked out, but maybe you can negotiate it the next time... :)


This is great! Some pics of the new look would be nice. :)

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