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November 12, 2005


Julie D.

Thanks for the link, Hector! :-)

I once worked for a Catholic charity for homeless men. And one of the main factors amongst the homeless is that the majority suffer some form of mental illness.
As it is the government in my home City has now decided to shut down yet another facility for the mentally ill.
Some of the men were also vietnam veterans sadly who because the trauma they were exposed too have become reliant on narcotics.
I dont know if there is a real solution to the problem but surely in these days mental hospitals can be made cosy and welcoming.
After all there are many hospices for the elderly can the government not have the same idea for the mentally ill?

Just a thought for a very difficult situation.

Loved the piece Hector, once again had me thinking and praying:).

Peace of Christ to you.


Faith of the Fathers blog


Yes, nice post. Thanks for the food for thought.

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