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October 01, 2005


Julie D.

Praise be to God for such a wonderful miracle ... and to the Little Flower for her faithfulness in petitioning God for your father. What a fantastic story! Thanks for sharing it. :-)


Hector - what a lovely story. The mystery of healing. I'll never understand it, but I rejoice when it happens. Your description of the basilica really moved me. I wish I knew someone here that could shepherd me in the beauty and ritual of the Catholic faith.

Hector - on my blogroll near the top is a site "incidents and accidents" This is a blog written by a lovely woman who has shared some of the beauty of your faith. She has a post on this saint today. Peace.


Such wonderful news about your dad!



I am Hector's mother and I want to share with you some medical facts that Hector was not aware of. Being a diabetic since he was 28 years old, the veins in his heart muscle were so narrow that the blood couldn't go thru. The doctor in Washington requested him to have a nuclear test one week before our trip. That test revealed that 1/3 of his heart muscle was not receiving blood nor working. What they were going to do was to make some kind of laser wounds inside the heart to provoke the growth of new vascular system. When I asked the doctor why now he was receiving blood in all his heart the doctor said "There is no medical nor scientific explanation to this".

I can say that from the moment I stepped inside of the Basilica, I experienced the most incredible spritual sensation of my life. Although we were going thru such a difficult situation, I felt an inmense joy in my heart - tears were coming out of my eyes but the only thing I could say was thank you Lord. After the next day results, my husband and me stayed a few more days at the hospital's hotel. There HE used us to give spiritual support and hope to other families. Thank you St. Therese, Thank you Lord! I hope that someday we will be able to return to the Basilica and smell the rose perfum that I felt sorrounding me in one of the chapels. God bless you.

roland Foley

Praise the Lord for his wonders that will never end. I hope it will be my time soon, to share a miracle.

Saint Therese, The Little Flower Praise For Us!!!


St. Therese, is one of those that I am always 'hoping to get around to'. may she forgive and pray for me.

Thankyou for renewing my interest in her, and by my prayers, hers in me.

God Bless.


Hector, As I read your blog today, I remembered with tears of joy and happiness the blessing we received on that trip, and every day. I was there, I saw it, and I continue to delight in the faith of knowing we are not alone... that we have helpers, that God is with us always. On those days we struggle, this experience always brings me comfort and happiness. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience with others.


Julie, Twyla, and Meg thanks for your comments and for joining me in praising God for His wonderful ways and St. Therese for her little loving ways.

Ukok and Roland Foley thanks for visiting and making comments. I hope to see you soon.

Mom and Angie, I'm glad the post gave all of us an opportunity to re-live that amazing mass and the miracle of healing. Praise to God!


Dear Hector,

I read the powerful story of the miracle God worked for your dear father through the intercession of St. Therese.

Please visit my Web site about her, which brings together much information. May God bless you.



myra barcelona

the miracles of st therese are really true. i've been praying for her to guide me in my board exam. night after the exam that we took, we went out and enjoy a little bit after months of studying. in one bar in cebu city, philippines that night they said its ladies night. all women comes in the bar receives a red rose and i received one. i got ghost bumps, disbelief that i got a sign. still with faith, prayers...when the board result finally came out my name was on the paper.
St. therese is always there....thank you so much.


Thank you for sharing that very inspiring story about your dad. I Have had a very memorable experience with her and she does sends roses. I specifically asked for a yellow rose and someone gave me a bunch of yellow roses on the feast of St.Nicolas.


I recently confirmed and my saint is Saint Therese and I was just wondering why you chose her to pray for your father


What a wonderful story! The power of St. Therese, through the grace of God, never ceases to amaze and inspire us. Is there a way I could contact Hector's daughter? I have an important question to ask you. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


My dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and sent home to die. I began a novena to St. Therese of the child Jesus/Little Flower, and within days of each other, my mother, sister and I all received roses from people who had no idea I'd been praying to her.

My father was at death's door his first two nights home from the hospital. Now, after just a little over a week since beginning my novena to St. Theresa, his appetite is returning, he's regained strength and is doing many things for himself we thought he'd never do again, e.g., walking with a walker, going to the bathroom unaided, taking and needing less pain medication.

Spread devotion to this mighty, little saint! Don't let a disease, doctor or diagnosis destroy hope. Prayer can extend life, relieve suffering and even achieve miraculous cures.

Thank you St. Therese!
XXXOOO The Callahan family

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