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October 14, 2005



I'm fascinated by your descriptions of this saint. Could you recommend a book I could read to learn of her and maybe something she wrote? Thanks, Hector. You and Romy are my guides in exploring Catholicism.


oh, i adore st. teresa of avila - she was quite spunky :)


GREAT post ... many of us (from across the denominational fence) admire and have a lot of respect for this woman of God.

Your post made me want to visit Avila too.

One thing - what was it that you liked about my post over at Penni's.. was it the bit that said I'd said too much / my comment was quite long enough already :)

be blessed


Twyla, Penni, and Lorna, thanks for your comments. I'm glad that you share with me the love and admmiration for this wonderful and holy woman.

Twyla, some books by her: The Interior Castle, The Way of Perferction, The Letters of St. Teresa of Jesus, The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus. To me she is a well organized and easy to follow writer. I started to read her works in Spanish, but I had to switch to English as she was using a very old style of Spanish.

Lorna, regarding the survey at Penni's I thought it was funny that by answering from your heart the survey tool said, "aha! you have been affected by Protestanism in some way..."

Steve Bogner

Twyla - I highly recommend her book Interior Castle, translated by Mirabai Starr. It's a more modern English translation, and St Teresa's writing really spoke to me via that book.

I think sometimes we forget that St Teresa of Avila, like many popular saints, was controversial in her day. A deep relationship with God may led us to do some great things; things that upset the status quo.


Thanks, Hector. I'll pick that up, I'm looking forward to it.

And I have noticed the controversial nature displayed by deeply spiritual folks. (like Christ!)

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