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October 03, 2005


Julie D.

I love it! I thought I remembered that St. Therese had quite a sense of fun ... and we KNOW that God is hilarious sometimes ...

So nice to be mentioned by the #1 blog. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted! :-0


I want to agree that St. Therese is a practical jokster. On her feast day (Oct 1), I was reading her autobiography in a bunk (I was at retreat), when the front door, then the back door suddenly opened as if someone had walked through. I got up to close the back door to find the door still locked! I think St. Therese wanted me to get up and stretch my legs.


Thanks Julie and Katrina for your comments. I never knew about this side of St. Therese. I found this tonight...

"In her testimony at the Apostolic Process, she tells us that after Therese died, the body was laid out in front of the grill, according to custom, so that visitors could come and view the body. Often people would pass rosaries through the grill so the Sister on duty could touch the rosary to the body and then back to the visitor. Marie of the Trinity tells us that during her watch she couldn't stop crying. She had been very close to Therese so the tears were just pouring down her cheeks. But suddenly something very strange happened. As one visitor came up and gave her a rosary, she reached with it into the coffin and touched the body of Therese and somehow the rosary got entangled in Therese's fingers! And so there she was pulling away, and she couldn't get it loose! As she was struggling with this and crying and crying, she thought she heard Therese saying to her interiorly "I'm not going to let go until you give me a smile." And she said, herself, interiorly "No, I feel like crying; I'm not going to smile." And then pretty soon the visitor starts saying "Well, what's taking so long?" Suddenly she was struck by the humor of the situation and she laughed. And the fingers seem to let go and there she had the rosary back again. So Therese got what she wanted, even there at the grill!

Here is a central characteristic of Therese's spirit that we can easily overlook or take for granted. Which? Her sense of humor... Carmelite spirituality is something deadly serious. And because it is serious it is full of joy! Our God is a happy God. "I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete."(John 15,11). The one who started the whole Carmelite adventure, Saint Teresa of Avila, used to remark : "God deliver me from sad-faced Saints.""

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