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October 10, 2005



How insightful I always find your posts :)

I agree that it is easy to vocalise committment, but backing it up with actions is another matter entirely.

It's one of the reasons I can't shift all this flab...I don't want it enough. I'm not motivated enough, I'm not really prepared to do what it takes...if I was, I wouldn't be in this mess!

God Bless.

Steve Bogner

There seem to me to be two different ways people commit - negative & positive. The negative commitment is when you are avoiding a negative outcome; positive commitment is when you are trying to achieve a positive outcome. Positive commitment is much more powerful, and I try to find ways to help people see that.

Running *towards* something is more fun than running *from* something. It's sort of like the difference between playing defense vs. offense. It's more fun to score a goal than block one.


I like the thought of being committed to the commitment. Ukok, I have the same problem committing to losing my bulk. Obviously, I've not yet committed to commit.


Lisa and ukok, that's exactly what I'm talking about. I asked my lovely wife "Are we commited to good health?" She said yes, but I don't think we are. We would like to have good health and we are OK, but we are not commited. Otherwise we (I...) wouldn't be eating as many sweets, we would be running every night, and getting more sleep. For many of the things we wish for we know exactly what to do and things are within our control to do, we just don't want them bad enough. I think this is a critical concept to accomplishing our goals.

Steve, thanks for your comments. I had not thought about negative commitment. The examples I can come up with are related to not taking risks. People commited to not die in an airplane crash or not getting a cold so they never touh things n public. That's an interesting concept...

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