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September 27, 2005



On Sunday, instead of going to church, I decided to have my time with God outside...to be a part of God's mighty creation. Well, I looked out... it was raining.. really raining, but then I thought to myself, I cannot stand to be inside another minute longer and not feel the great outdoors, so I put on my raincoat (err...my hubby's raincoat) and went for a walk! It was beautiful..I saw a different way. I felt so cleansed and united with my maker....all I had to do was have some time alone, just go outside and feel the outdoors!


A hard downpour without dangerous lightning is a perfect opportunity to make some memories. We haven't had the opportunity in a while, but my girls and I have had a ball dancing and singing and splashing in the rain.

These city girls need to feel nature on their skin now and then. I take a dirty kid as a sign of good parenting.

Thanks for a fun post.



Angie and Meg, I'm glad you had the pleasure of playing in the rain!
Meg, I think you are from Chicago. Have you taken the girls to the water park in Millennium Park downtown?


Funny you should ask. Just yesterday I was walking by Millennium Park and telling a friend I'd been wanting to do that all summer and never did. Hopefully next summer.

I spend four days each month working on site for a client right across the street from Millennium Park. I can see the kids splashing from my window. As I told my friend, one of the good things about that location is the sound of children playing while I work.



Today our Red Cross Chapter gave a picnic for all the displaced families we have here that were affected by Katrina and Rita. Guess what? Just one hour before it started raining like crazy. My thoughts were that this families didn't need that, that it will remind them of their troubles. Nevertheless we had the most wonderful time. There were laughs and the kids were splashing all around the Park. Now I understand that

Even in the rain we can give support.

Even in the rain we can give friendship.

Even in the rain we can give hope and happiness.

But most important is that even in the rain we can give God's love to the ones suffering.

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